New Study Shows Vaping Has No Impact On Non-Smokers’ Health

While vaping is now widely acknowledged by the medical professional as being a safer alternative to smoking regular cigarettes, there are still quite a lot of concerns among the public in general about whether it is a safe habit for those who, rather than making the switch from using tobacco products, are simply trying out vaping because they are curious about what it might be like.

One of the criticisms that has recently been levelled at vaping is that it holds appeal to those who were never smokers in the first place, and especially teens and young adults, thanks to the extensive variety of delicious e-juices that are on the market today which may encourage more people to try them out. Opponents of vaping say that these non-smokers are exposing themselves to unwarranted health risks and could potentially develop serious medical conditions as a result of taking up the habit.

Are Worries About Toxic Chemicals Unfounded?

Now, the public can feel more reassured as a new study carried out by researchers at the University of Catania has shown that young non-smokers have no reason to be concerned for their health if they start vaping.

The new research was carried out over a long period, involving 9 users of e-cigs who had never been smokers before and 12 non-vapers and non-smokers. The study took several years, over which vapor products were used, and then at the end of the trial period CT scans were carried out on all participants. The results were very positive, with no sign of any popcorn lung, lipoid pneumonia or lung damage in any of the vapers involved. This is very promising news, since experts have been expressing their concerns for some time about whether or not vaping can cause these medical problems.

The Public Debate Over Vaping And Health

The public debate has been raging on for some time now about whether vapour products are harmful, both to vapers themselves and to the public in general who may be exposed to them. Some researchers have claimed that e-liquids contain large amounts of toxic materials and harmful chemicals which can damage human health, and stories abound regularly in the media which seem to support this view. However, the research carried out by the University of Catania team offers a completely opposing viewpoint. Their evidence revealed no difference at all in the heart rate, lung function or blood pressure of any of the participants, whether non-smoking vapers or not.

While longer term research is still being advised by experts, the results of this study are extremely good news for those who support vaping, as well as for all users of vapour products, whether former smokers or not. The news that no serious medical problems could be detected in the participants even after an extended period of use will go a long way towards reassuring the public and will help to improve awareness of the benefits of vaping in the long term.