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Euston Station Exploding E-Cig Brings Vaping Safety Into Focus Again

A recent event to take place at London’s Euston Station has brought e-cigarette safety back into focus once more. On August 29th, the busy London commuter hub was locked down for two hours after armed police officers rushed to the scene of a suspected bomb scare. After crowds of frightened passengers were escorted from both the mainline and underground stations, it turned out that the explosion actually came from a faulty e-cigarette. A security alert […]

The Advantages In Living In A Healthy Lifestyle

Health is what people think about in every day of their lives. People have so many things that they wanted to do that they have to make sure that their bodies are strong and sturdy by living healthier lives. People already know what would happen if you don’t maintain your health. Your body will break down from eating unhealthy things, germs and bacteria will soon invade into your bloodstream because your immune system is weak […]