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Weight Loss Tools

All Diet Source offers many weight loss tools and weight loss calculators to help with you weight loss and fitness goals. Weight Loss tools such as calculators and charts can help you to meet your weight loss goals much quicker. Below are the Weight Loss Tools that All Diet Source offers you for free.


Calculate Body Mass Index ( BMI ) - Use this Body Mass Index ( BMI ) tool to easily calculate your body mass index. Using this weight loss tool you will be able to find out if you are underweight, overweight or at an ideal weight.

Calorie Burning Chart - On this page you will find a Printable Calorie Burning Chart. On this calorie burning chart I have listed many activities and the calories they burn per minute. You will find common exercises, housework, yard work and hobbies listed. Any type of activity whether big or small will help you burn calories.

Calories Burned Per Mile Calculator - This free Running Calculator is a great way to see exactly how many calories you burned during your run.


Other Helpful Weight Loss Tools

Printable Food Journals - Recording your daily calorie intake is one of the most effective tools to lose weight. All Diet Source has Printable Food Journals for free.

Printable Exercise Journals - All Diet source has free printable exercise journals for our viewers. We have found that this is a very effective tool when it comes to meeting your fitness goals.


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Remember, All Diet Source tools and charts provide general information only. They are not meant to replace professional advice. Always check with your Physician before starting any weight loss or exercise program.


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