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Weight Maintenance

Congratulations!! You have lost all the weight you wanted to and you are now down to your goal weight. That's terrific. Now what? Are you prepared for what comes next?

Well, I have discovered the most amazing way to maintain your weight. The All Diet Source Weight Maintenance Plan will keep your metabolism up while you maintain your goal weight that you worked so hard for. This Weight Maintenance Plan might seem out of the ordinary, but trust me it works!!

This Weight Maintenance Plan is a very simple Three Step Plan. The Weight maintenance Plan is as follows:


Step 1: Establish your Low and High Weight.

Your low weight will be your goal weight or the weight you are now coming off of your weight loss plan.

Start weighing yourself every morning before you eat or drink anything. Note your weight on a daily basis.

Begin eating more normally. Don't go crazy with high calories and fat, but enjoy yourself. In a few days you will

notice a weight gain... probably around 3 to 5 pounds. Don't panic... this is normal. This weight will be your high weight. Make a note of your high weight.

Step 2: Don't Go Above your High Weight.

When you hit your high weight it is time to watch your calorie intake. Go back to 1200 calories until you reach your low weight again. It will probably only take a couple of days to reach your low weight again. Make sure you do not drop to 1200 calories for longer than 72 hours as you will slow down your metabolism and maintenance will be more difficult for you.

Step 3: Go Back to Step 1 and Do it Again.

Once you are back to your low weight go back to Step 1 and start eating normally again until you reach your high weight again. You will note everything on the All Diet Source Weight Maintenance Chart everyday, so you know how you are doing. Remember to weigh yourself every morning and note it on the Weight Maintenance Chart.

You will notice at first that you might be going through this whole process a handful of times a month. But, shortly you will see that your low calorie days get less and less throughout the month. Over time you might only have to do this whole process one or twice a month. The reason for this is your metabolism speeds up making your maintenance very easy.

This is the maintenance plan that worked for me and it can be a lifetime way of maintaining your weight loss. It is easy to do and it works flawlessly as long as you weigh yourself every day and note it on the Weight Maintenance Chart.

Congrats again for losing your weight... enjoy this maintenance plan!!


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