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Printable Food Journals

Daily Food Journals are one of the most effective ways to lose weight. It might seem like a real pain to log everything onto a piece of paper when you put something in your mouth, but I promise you that it will help with your weight loss a great deal. How many times have you put something in your mouth thinking it is only one bite... it doesn't really count. But, it does. If you take a bite here and there throughout the day your Daily Calorie Intake could add up to a few extra hundred calories than you planned for by the end of the day. I am not saying that you can't nibble on things throughout the day... just record them on the journal. This way you will know how many calories you have truly ate by the end of the day & you will know where you can save on your calories.


When you use the All Diet Source Daily Food Journal write down specifics about what you have eaten. Another words, if you had milk put the measurements of the milk and what kind (i.e. 1%, 2% or whole). Also, write down the calories. If you don't know the calories of an item you eaten either look at the nutritional label of the item or check out these Free Online Calorie Counters.  

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