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Free Exercise Plans

When I was starting my Diet and Exercise Plan years ago to lose weight I realized that I didn't even know where to begin with Exercise and Working Out. I bought a ton of video tapes and would work out to a different one every day. That is not a bad idea at all. Actually, exercise tapes and work-out DVD's are very successful in helping with weight loss.

I have found that when people have an exercise plan they have more success in sticking with exercise and lose weight at a much quicker pace.

I have compiled a very large list of Free Exercise Plans. I feel that the more people have in exercise choices the

better a chance they will stick with a daily exercise regimen. You should have plenty of Free Exercise Plans to choose from so that you will never get bored. Free Exercise Program - This is a Free 12 Week Course on how to exercise to lose weight. This Free Exercise Program includes

  • Cardio, strength training and flexibility workouts
  • Weekly calendars to organize your workouts
  • Motivational tips to help you get your mind excited about exercise
  • The tools you need to lose body fat. - Learn to eat right and stay active to help both you and your baby. Free daily fitness plan with exercise demos - Weekly e-mail for your week of pregnancy. Stay in shape while you are pregnant.


Bodybuilding Workout Plans - Many free fitness and exercise plans for bodybuilding. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced in bodybuilding you can find an exercise plan for free here.

Free - This is one of the General Exercise Plans which makes available to all of the members of the community - free of charge. Our premier online mission is to meet the needs of every member in reaching all of their health & fitness goals ...

iVillage Workout Plan - Look and feel great in four weeks with this easy-to-follow toning routine that you can do in the comfort of your own home. The key to this workout plan is that it combines cardiovascular exercise

with strength training to increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories, even while you are resting.

Killer Fitness - Look & feel your best today by downloading your Free Killer Fitness Elite Workout Manual.
Get the workout system that is tested and used by our nation’s best and strongest Elite Special Forces.

Kraft - Kraft Foods offers a free exercise plan. This site requires to register with them, but there is no cost. You can either have them design a simple exercise plan for you or they custom make an Exercise Plan for you completely free.

Popular Fitness - Online Fitness Programs and Exercise Workouts. is a site for men and women of all ages and fitness goals. They offer an online fitness program, articles, tips and exercise instruction information.

Ready, Set, Go Fitness - This page has free fitness and exercise plans you can download to your computer. Get your body into shape with Ready, Set, Go Fitness.

SparksPeople Fitness and Exercise Plan - You can get a customized fitness and exercise plan to fit your needs. And, it's free.


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Remember, All Diet Source tools and charts provide general information only. They are not meant to replace professional advice. Always check with your Physician before starting any weight loss or exercise program.


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