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I have discovered a way to lose weight without any going through the terrible plateau period. It is truly amazing. This free diet plan tricks your metabolism into thinking you are not dieting.

The reason why most people don't stick to diets for very long is because they get frustrated. Dieting is not too bad when you are seeing the weight coming off, however, when you reach that terrible plateau period it is hard to

keep motivated. Many people stop dieting at this time simply because they are not seeing the weight loss fast enough. With the All Diet Source Free Weight Loss Diet Plan you shouldn't fall into a plateau. You will have low calorie days followed by high calorie days... your metabolism won't have any idea that you are dieting.

You see, metabolism is very smart. It knows when you are eating less and it slows down. Your metabolism slows down when you cut calories because your metabolism thinks you are starving and slows down to a very slow creep to protect you from starving to death. The problem with this is that the more you cut calories the further your metabolism slows down... further slowing down your weight loss.

With this free weight loss plan we will confuse your metabolism into not knowing that you are dieting and keep it moving at a rapid pace.

All Diet Source is now offering a free Diet Plan. We will show you how many calories you should consume in a daily and weekly basis to ensure constant weight loss. All Diet Source will give you your free diet plan Daily Food Journals that you can print off and keep track of your daily calorie intake.

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